Break The Code – Da Vinci

Blindfolds on we conga lined our way into the Da Vinci room at Break The Code.

Us four master detectives were entrusted with unlocking the secret rooms of Henry Brown’s mansion to uncover details of a secret society he left behind. Secret rooms they are indeed! While some Sydney escape rooms are short on space (hello Sydney retail market), these guys have lots of it – a total of 4 rooms for Da Vinci that become apparent in very cool, crafty ways.

Da Vinci has high tech, creative puzzles that delight and challenge. We had two musicians on our team that helped us blitz through one laser-beaming minefield. Other puzzles confounded us, with one in particular sucking up the majority of time only to need two major clues because our code sheet and the picture just didn’t seem to align. Tensions built, but other teams were able to escape so perhaps there’s some emergency craftiness still to be learned on our behalf!

This room does have a 35% escape rate and while it isn’t ridiculously challenging, some puzzles if not handled in a timely fashion will see you looking up to the ceiling and scratching your head in bewilderment.

Overall, this is a good-quality escape room experience with a friendly team and welcoming foyer (with chocolates on the desk). Bonus points for foyer chocolate!

I have a feeling half of Sydney – myself included – will be flocking back to Break The Code in a few months time because they are installing a Harry Potter themed room!


Overall: 7.5/10
Fun: 6/10
Atmosphere: 8.5/10
Difficulty: 8/10
Creativity of puzzles: 8/10
Foyer: 7.5/10
Value of money: 6/10 for big groups. 7/10 for small groups. ($45 per person flat rate)

For more information or to book, visit: or call 02 8957 7640. Break The Code is located Level 1, 741 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney. They’re a 3 minute walk from Central Station.


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